MAC 6 Snowglobe Eyeshadow “Cool”






I was lucky enough to get the “Cool” version of the 6 eyeshadow snowglobe palette from MAC. This was last year’s christmas pallet i believe and i was gifted it for christmas from a friend who bought it in an outlet in NYC. Temtallia gave it a D+ haha i was a bit worried but they are really pretty shades! The lightest shade is like a light glitter white, really pretty as a base to give your eyes a sparkle for christmas and holidays 🙂

the darker shades (last 3 i swatched) were really pretty and rich in texture, whereas the first 3 were really sheer. Some of the colors are pretty and they all have a purple/blue/indigo shade range. The shades are extremely /sprakly/shiny/satin (no mattes!) usually i would want a matte shade but since it is a holiday palette i forgive it i guess haha

I wouldnt recommend buying this just because It costs around 30-40$ i believe and with that money you could get a much better pigmented palette, but i have to say the snowglobe on top is adorable 🙂 only issue is storing it, because it is round it makes things a bit more difficult :<

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