Shiseido Eyelash Curler




Finally convinced myself to get a new eyelash curler! I was debating about whether I should have gotten the shu uemura ones but they were not available at my sephora T T tbh the shiseiso ones weren’t either but luckily I do have a Shiseido store so I bought them there for 22$ Canadian. Sephora had them on their sight for 20 so I was kinda upset the counter made me pay extra. After tax it came out to be around 24 dollars and a bit more. I feel like eyelash curlers however are worth the money because ( I assume) you won’t need another one…. I previously had a revlon one that just didn’t quite work and I also had one from China that had a nice spring but the curve was too round for my eyes ( it’s Really round… Idk what type of Asian can even use it haha ironically it’s Chinese…). The revlon one just gve me L shaped lashes so I’ve been wanting a good curler for a while now!! These ones I’ve had them for a day now and I’m working on them! I do have to say you have to be careful with them since they can pinch your eyes and hurt if you don’t be careful! All on all I think they’re really good for my stubborn straight lashes :). Now I just need a good mascara that can hold a curl lol


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