Wet n’ Wild Megalast Lipsticks Swatch/Review


wine room20140105-224919.jpg


sugar plum fairy

20140105-225006.jpgcinnamon spice



so after all the hype online for quite some time on these lipsticks, i decided to give them a try 🙂

i only have 3 here but the collection has quite a few, (around 12 i think)

First of all these lipsticks are matte, and last an extreme long time! not to mention they are dirt cheap! I purchased these at Walmart for 2.6$ around and 3 after tax. The color is opaque and the color of the seal at the bottom is the color you are going to get.

I must say these are a tad bit drying, and so I would recommend a lipbalm ( i use eos) underneath before application.

The lightest shade I own at the moment is “White Room 906D” a pretty pinky rosy magenta color. I think this color would look flattering on anyone. Really easy color to wear if you want to just brighten the look a bit!

Second Shade I have is called “Sugar Plum Fairy” 908C. Now this shade for some reason looks darker than my other one in the tupe however with one swipe it looks like a dark rasberry shade. They say it is a really good dupe for MAC’s Rebel. Its a really nice berry statement lip look and it also stains your lips (the darker shades tent t0) However if you do a couple of swipes (like maybe 2 or so) it gets darker and more “the label  color.” If you do find it a bit too dark, you can always just dab a bit here and there on your lips and it looks really nice too

Finally the Darkest shade i own is called “917B Cinnamon Spice” to be honest this is my least favourite color that I own. It didnt really look like what I was expecting it to look like. I was hoping for a bit of a lighter shade but it turned out a looot darker and vampy than i had wished. This is a very cool toned mahogany color which is very in trend for this year’s winter/fall, however just doesnt look that good on me. It is too dark and ashy. The seal was unfortunately not as dark as it appears on your lips.

My cousin also owns “Stoplight Red 911D” however I dont have access to it right now. This is a swatch of it from someone els’ blog : http://www.beautylish.com/f/iirvvu

the color appears to be a bright red shade which looks really pretty. It applys pink with one swipe but with two it then turns to red. I think its a really attractive warm toned red, but note quite brickred. I think it really looks flattering for people with light to tan skin.
Lip Swatches

20140105-231944.jpgwine room (a bit more rosy instead of baby pink)

20140105-231950.jpgSuregar plum fairy (a bit dark, think dark raspberry or MAC’s rebel)

20140105-232010.jpgcinnamon spice (appears a lot darker in life, think of a cool gothic red)


L-R: Wine room (for a comparison to Rose-Bud), Rose-Bud, 24 Carrot Gold





in this picture I have 904B Rose bud on my lips.

904B Rosebud: is very similar to Wine Room. However if you look at the picture of al 3 swatched, I have wine room right beside Rose bud so you

can clearly see what differences they have. Wine room is definitely more “wine” like. It is a slight shade darker,

where as the Rose-bud lipstick is definitely a bit lighter, and closer to a petal pink shade (hence rose bud haha)

The color isnt much different on the lips but has a milkier look.

For me, this is a My lips but better shade! Really natural and looks nice 🙂




969 24 Carrot Gold: At first, looks like a neon red with a hint of orange, however swatched appears a lot lighter.

This is one of my favourite lipsticks in the line atm. It reminds me a lot of  Revlon Just bitten kissable balm satin

in Rendevous (ill have a post up comparing the lipsticks.) It is a vibrant but also very milky (almost pastel) looking shade when swatched

that I just adore! However, on the lips it looks closer to coral than the pastel orange 😦 I was hoping it would look a bit more orangy like

the shade that it looked like swatched


The only complaint i have about this line is that 1. its slightly drying (i dont really mind) and 2. the packaging sucks. really bad haha

unfortunately it does not go down all the way so when you put the lid back on it can chip and hit the lipstick and ruin it. I have a bit of lipstick on the lid already and sometimes can transfer to your fingers! 😦  I have also hear things about the bullet breaking and things like that but I cant really complain when it only costs 3$!


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