Forever 21: 21 Shadow Palette vs Urban Decay Naked 1






Top row is shades that can be comparable with Naked 1 shades.

Unfortunately these shades do not have individual names, so i will be referring to them as (R1S1, aka Row 1, shade 1)

R1S1: A white shade that is very interesting. looks white however when swatched on hand you can see that there is this weird rainbow hue that is very pretty. Although it is a bit chalky. Slightly comparable with the Urban Decay “Virgin”

R1S2: A peachy beige shade that is chalky. just an okay color with a satin finish, slightly comparable with “virgin” as well

R1S3: A  pretty peach Champagne shade that is not extremely pigmented but isnt chalky. Very comparable to the UD’s ” Sin”

R1S4: A medium bronze shade that is very shimmery, comparable with UD’s “Sidecar” however, side car has flakes of glitter

R1S5: A warm tan brown shade. One of the 3 matte shades available in this palette. Compared to UD’s “Buck”, it has a lot more red toned warmness to it.

R1S6:  Very soft and extremely pigmented shimmery dark blue. somewhat comparable with the UD’s “Creep” however creep is more black than blue. Also creep has silver glitters in it.

R1:S7: Just a matte black, very pigmented when picked up, however not as pigmented when swatched. Second of the 3 matte shades, i think this is the only shade that is very missing from the UD’s naked palette.


R2S1: A very chalky shimmery white shade.

R2S1: A beautiful dark medium bronze, that is slightly comparable to “Half Baked.” However this shade is more bronze+gold than just gold alone like Half Baked is. However, it is the closest shade to a gold in this palette.Very creamy and pretty pigmented shade shade

R2S3: A beautiful!, Beautiful shade, my personal favourite in this palette. It is a amber bronze shade, similar to Amber rush by Loreal. It is the closest color in the palette to “Toasted” but very different as well. Toasted has more rose gold sheen to it. Personally i would have preferred this shade in the naked to toasted haha. very creamy and pigmented

R2S4: A nice medium brown shade. Looked like it could be a possible dupe for Hustle, however Hustle is far more deeper when swatched not extremely pigmented but nice.

R2S5: A pigmented shade, at first glance, it looks like a medium with hints of a green shade, when swatched it is the BANG ON DUPE for “Smog” wow and its also extremely pigmented. not as much as smog is, but still very nice shade.

R2S6: a pretty dark taupe shade with a hint of maybe even purple. pigmented when picked up with finger, however not pigmented when swatched.

R2S7: a pigmented soft light taupe blue and even grey shade. comes off slightly sheer when swatched onto hand. however a perfect dupe for “gunmetal”


R3S7: Actually this is the last shade in the palette but because I was running out of room, this shade i swatched first. It is a very pretty purple taupe shade, with a sheen, soft but not extremly pigmented.

R3S1: A sheet peach shade, very comparable to the R1S2 color, but less pigmented.

R3S2: A tan medium light shade somewhat has a weird tan shade but leans towards more pink. Comparable to UD’s Naked, however naked (swatched above, hard to see) is more neutral and a lot softer.

R3S3: Sheer color,light medium brown color

R3S4: sheer color a lighter version of the R3S3 shade. 

R3S5:pigmented, and later i discovered is actually the almost exactly spot on dupe of Toasted! only difference is that this shade has less of a reflective factor, as Toasted is very light reflective, but color wise exactly same. 

R3S6: a pretty close dupe to UD’s Hustle, however hustle is more neutral grey brow and this is more shimmery with many small silver sparkles. leans a bit towardss purple as well, but barely. also very pigmented. 





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