Urban Decay Naked Palette

This was my first palette, and it’s one that I enjoy the most. I got this about 2 years ago when sephora was having their 15$ off a 50$+ purchase in December and i was so excited to get this (at the time it costed around 54$, now its around 62$) The shades are very […]

MAC 6 Snowglobe Eyeshadow “Cool”

:< I was lucky enough to get the “Cool” version of the 6 eyeshadow snowglobe palette from MAC. This was last year’s christmas pallet i believe and i was gifted it for christmas from a friend who bought it in an outlet in NYC. Temtallia gave it a D+ haha i was a bit worried […]

Shiseido Eyelash Curler

Finally convinced myself to get a new eyelash curler! I was debating about whether I should have gotten the shu uemura ones but they were not available at my sephora T T tbh the shiseiso ones weren’t either but luckily I do have a Shiseido store so I bought them there for 22$ Canadian. Sephora […]

Welcome :)

My name is Karin! 🙂 im 17 and i live in Canada. I’m in love with makeup. its a terribly expensive pastime but its something i truly enjoy 🙂 i personally dont use a lot of makeup in my everyday life (or at least i TRY not to haha) Im going to primarily use my […]